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Adoptable Animals




All dogs - $175


All cats/kittens - $100


* Note that courtesy postings (so marked) do not typically have adoption fees.


Adoption Application
Type of Home
Do you rent or own your home?
If you rent, are pets allowed?
If you plan to move will your pet go with you?
Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor companion?
What activity level would you like this pet to have?
Are you committed to providing this pet with necessary medical care and training to insure his/her well being in your home for his/her lifetime?
Do you have a fenced in yard?
Will you be enrolling this pet in obedience class?
Have you previously trained a dog?
Are you familiar with crate training?
Are you familiar with house training?
If adopting a cat, do you plan to let your new cat outside?
Do you plan to declaw your cat?
Are you aware that changing a pet's enviroment (particularly cats) may cause the animal to have accidents or other behavioral issues?
AND are you willing to give the pet time to adjust to its new enviroment?
Do you understand if you are unable to care for the adopted animal for any reason it is to be returned to PAWS of SWVA?
Do you understand that if for any reason we deem that this animal is not being cared for properly that you will be required to return the dog/cat to us immediately?

Thanks for submitting!

ATTENTION:  We do verify your references and contact the landlord if you rent. This is not an indication of approval, it is just part of our review process. We usually receive more than one application to review on each pet and will notify you once a decision has been made.

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued pet!

Our dogs/cats are not first come/first serve. We place our animals with the home that is the best fit for them. Not all animals are good in all homes, whether it's their personalities, nature, or breed. We base our decision on what's best for the animal and the family. Thanks for understanding!

Adoption fee is to be paid by money order or cash-no checks please.

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